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The ULTIMATE ICT (Inner Circle Trader) community and trading resource on Discord
for daytrading Futures and Forex.
Experience the Platinum Difference:
Our Discord trading community server has many advantages over the competition:
  • 100% Free
    Free resources. Free courses. We won't ask you for money and there are no paid services (voluntary donations welcome).
  • Very active server
    High activity during New York session hours and we also have a regular group of after-hours Forex traders.
  • On-demand resources
    Go ahead. Ask a question on our server! It will auto-generate answers, helpful videos, cheat sheets, free course material, and more!
  • Like-minded traders
    Discuss your trades with other traders who understand ICT smart money concepts. Don't let trading be lonely.
Improve your trading edge!
Be part of the fastest-growing private ICT trading community on Discord! The path to financial freedom starts with YOU and we're here to help pave the way!
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